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1993 WRC GRP Abarth Lancia Integrale Deltona TO-54902H
The Most Iconic Rally Car Made ...
Here we have a fantastic example of the TO-54902H which started out life as a 1988 official Abarth eight valve works Martini car. Its first event was the Tour de Corse in 1988, it finished 3rd overall, driven by Bruno Saby and was closely followed by a 4th overall on the 24hr de Ypres in ESSO colours piloted by Tabaton. It was sold off to Race Motorsport who upgraded the car to Integrale 16V specification, it ran in white, with white red and green livery.

Race Motorsport sold the car to So.Ge.Spo who reliveried the car to white with red and blue, it was driven by Scrollini and Grava. The car was then sold to Jolly club who transformed the car to full Integrale “DELTONA” specification with evolution body by CECOMP in late 1992. This series of upgrades meant the car was now the ultimate Grp A racer. Driven by both Carlos Sainz and Andre Aghini in 1993 in "Repsol" colours and to 1993 WRC Cataluyna spec the car ran as a Practise and Recce car. This was to be the final year on which it was used in the WRC arena. 1994 saw TO 54902H being sold yet again this time to Tam.Auto who kept the car in Repsol colours but without the Repsol logos. Driven again by Andrea Aghini it was very successful having a number of victories running in the Italian home championship.

In 2000 the car found its way to the UK and into the hands of Steve Smith the owner of Walkers Garage a final and trouble free outing on the Rally Great Britain, the last WRC event the Intergrale was eligible for, and it was sold onto Mike Rimmer. Now returned to its 1993 “Repsol” asphalt specification. A complete nut and bolt restoration has been carried out, nothing has been left untouched from a full stripping of the shell to complete refurbishment of every individual item by SR motorsport. 

Most recently the car has run at the 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 Goodwood Festival of Speed. There is a wealth of information available on the car and its history via Oakfields or SR motorsport.

TO 54902H Lancia Super Delta HF Integrale

The Super Delta HF Integrale or “ Deltona” was the last, most aggressively styled and ultimate Integrale, raising performance to unimagined heights. With the car widened to 1770mm with more extravagant arches and in tarmac spec with 17” rims the car was unbeatable in 1992 with Auriol taking six wins and requesting that all his rally cars handle like the Deltona. The front and rear track were extended, the shells were reworked by Cecomp and some other revisions restored the Delta’s superiority overnight.

Wherever this car goes it draws the most attention of any rally car ...

it is for most rally fans THE RALLY CAR!

Price £129,000

Subaru N12 Endurance Touring Car 2007
• SR motorsport Build from Prodrive STI shell, 1200 hrs shell prep
• 120 L Bag Tank System
• Motec SDL ECU/Dash/Sensors/Lap Beacon
• Speedline Rims x 24
• STI LHD Quick Rack
• Bespoke Race Loom and Dash
• Tien "Nurburgring Spec" Dampers, 140 nm springs
• Carbon Door Panels/WRC Mirrors
• 27mm Roll Bars
• Front Mounted Intercooler
• Fully Aeroquipped
• WRC spec Turbos
• Recaro Hans Seat
• T45 Custom Cage
• APR Wheel Studs
• Twin Lift Pumps
• AP Calipers/Bespoke Hubs
• Pelter Radio/Phone
• 450 reliable BHP
• £120,000 Build Cos

The car was built in spring 2007 for the VLN and Nurburgring 24hr series and optimised for the track. One of the few 4x4 cars running in the series it is one of the fastest cars in the wet and a consistent class trophy winner. SR motorsport run, and employed by ex Prodrive engineers have run the car in 2007 and 2008. Aside from a detonation problem caused by bad fuel at the 2008, 24hr qualifying the car has been 100% reliable in the 2008 24hr race it ran faultlessly throughout, beating the STI factory car. Lap Time c 9.20 VLN loop and Nordschleife.

For a driver the car is a wonderful experience, it is fast, safe, stops quickly, nimble and above all does nothing nasty in any conditions. Whilst not raced outside of the Nordschleife, the car has tested at UK tracks and been equally as good. Its capability stretches far beyond the skills of its drivers to date.

All data is available along with build invoices....

Option 1: The preferred option is to sell the car.
Option 2: 50% partner to drive, prepared to stay with SR motorsport.
Option 3: Race by Race Contribution to costs.
SPARES (at agreed costs)

• New set of Tien Dampers £3000
• STI Engine
• Gearbox STI
• Turbo Rebuilt
• Front and Rear Hubs
• Front Mounted Intercooler
• Front and Rear Bumpers
• Oil, Diff and Water Radiators
• 2 sets Driveshafts
• Lateral, Trailing Arms and TCA’s
• LHD Quick Rack STI
• Steering Arms
• Fuel Pumps x 2
• Plus lots of Hoses, Pipes, Linkages etc.

Price £82,000

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